The Passion of The Christ inspired poetry

Mocked, flogged, stricken, crucified. He paid for things he hadn't done. He was the righteous of all. Should be worshipped by all. Now ask me the greatest story of all? I could tell it in just four words. Jesus Died For Us. Jesus Died for Us For Jesus Loves Us He paid our sins To… Continue reading The Passion of The Christ inspired poetry

Braveheart Inspired Poem

BRAVEHEART We carried on to the battlefield In our hearts we only yield Love for our Nation Lack of their subjection Independence and Scotland All the right in our homeland May we acquire and suffice William Wallace's sacrifice Are you fighting for freedom? Leaning on their Kingdom? Listening to their lies? Awaiting your demise? Come… Continue reading Braveheart Inspired Poem

Types of Scams in Adopt Me You Should Be Aware Of

For the whole month of February I spent my days playing Adopt Me and doing Online Classes because of this Coronavirus pandemic. I'm torn between wanting this to end or not because I'm now comfortable on this situation I'm in. Anyways, in this blog I'm going to tell you the different types of scams that… Continue reading Types of Scams in Adopt Me You Should Be Aware Of

The Ultimate Writer’s Playlist

Every writer has their own ups and downs. Sometimes we are in the mood to write and sometimes we wanted to write but we don't have the will to do so. Often times, we simply lack motivation. I know that there are a lot of sources of motivation out there, but let us focus on… Continue reading The Ultimate Writer’s Playlist